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People aged 85 and older are the coolest people you could hope to know. Read any of these stories from the 85s and older and you can meet them yourself.

They are often hidden behind thick layers of society's ageist views.  Here's the truth, most of them don't have dementia and most of them live at home.  They are often misrepresented in the media as being helpless and frail, when in fact no other age group is as tough and resilient.

These stories of individuals aged 85 and older are dedicated to the truth. The truth that they are some of the smartest people you will ever meet.  What do they think and do to adapt to getting older?  We can learn a lot from their example.


Irene, 94

Barbara, 87

Grahame, 85

Eileen, 85

Freda, 87

Jeanette, 85

Isobel, 100

Bea, 88

Bert, 91


Anita Mulally, Founder

We love older people. Not just any older person, but the super oldsters, 85 years and older.  If you have ever stood next to me for more than a minute, you have probably heard me talk about the brilliance of older people.  (My poor friends have heard it 1000 times).  Working in aged care for over 25 years it became very obvious to me that there is something different about super agers.  For starters, they are proud of their age and often add a year, telling me the age they will turn next.  Younger older people often don’t want the number mentioned. 

I was surprised time and time again when I would meet people 85 and older who were very smart, funny and super resilient.  This wasn’t what I thought they would be like. I thought they would be frail and stuck in the past. Their bodies might become frail but their minds are sharp as steel and adapting to changes is the name of the game.  I love their company, they are themselves without apology and ready to laugh and make the most of whatever situation they find themselves in.

Their honest and grounded views are missing in our social media and the world is missing out.  It became a strong urge to share these individuals with the online world. Many people just didn’t get it.  “What? People older than 85 have something to teach us? No way!”.  Along the way I came across others who shared my secret, that this group of people are the best.  Often, they had their own good fortune of knowing a super ager and they got it straight away and encouraged me. 

It is my intention to help everyone who doesn’t know anyone 85 and older.  I hope you can get to know this group of people and love them like we do. It is the individuality of these people that teaches us the most.

I wouldn’t have gotten this far without supporters, especially those 85 and older who have trusted me to share their words online.  MDS Training and the MDS Sector Support, Development and Training Project in particular have taken a chance to support the concept that people older than 85 have something of value to teach us. 

Special thanks to Vanessa Vale, Claire Bishop, Carina Tidy and Julie Deane, who without their support, none of this would be possible.

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