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We love older people. Not just any older person, but the super agers, 85 years and older.  Working in aged care for over 25 years it becomes obvious there is something different about super agers. Their bodies might become frail but their minds are sharp as steel and adapting to changes is the name of the game. Authentically themselves without apology and ready to make the most of whatever situation they find themselves in. Their honest and grounded views are missing in our media and the world is missing out. 

It is our intention to help everyone who doesn’t know anyone 85 and older.  We hope you can get to know this group of people and love them like we do. It is the individuality of these people that teaches us the most.

We would never have come this far without supporters, especially those 85 and older who have allowed us to share their words online. Thank you to all the wise ones who already know the value of listening to people with 85+ years of life experience who support this initiative. Special thanks to MDS Training and the MDS Sector Support, Development and Training Project with their support of the Celebrating Independence pilot project from March to June 2021. 


Anita Mulally

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